Monday, March 15, 2010

Millie Potter

Hello students and parents!
Millie Potter visited our school and told us a story about her friend, John. It was John's birthday and Millie had a lot of adventures to go to the farm, where John lives, to give him a present and enjoy the birthday party!
All the students liked it and many could participate and help Millie Potter.
Look at some photos!

Millie asked some students to help her find the magic fruit:

Here there is a rainbow but it is not complete...

What colours are missing?

This is the house where John lives. It is a farm.

Can you name the animals?

This is one of the favorite episodes in the story when Millie was fighting against a ...

And here you can see two of
the young actors in our school!
Answers to the questions
Colours missing in the rainbow: red, green, purple.
Animals in the farm:sheep, cow, horse, duck.
Millie was fighting against a crocodile.