Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Kite song

The homework for the students of 1st Prinmary this weekend is to learn the song in unit 2: the kite song. In this song we have some colours to learn and three expressions. Some parents have asked for the book but to learn the songs what you need is the CD songs (nº 9) that you should have at home. You can also use de Big Surprise! webpage Listen and repeat is the way to learn the songs. 

Els deures per als estudiants de 1r Primària aquest cap de setmana són aprendre la cançó de la unitat 2: la cançó de l'estel. En aquesta cançó tenim alguns colors que aprendre i tres expressions. Alguns pares/mares han demanat el llibre però per aprendre les cançons el que necessitau és el CD de cançons que hauríeu de tenir a casa. També podeu emprar la pàgina web de Big Surprise! Escoltar i repetir és la manera d'aprendre les cançons.

Here you are the lyrics./ Aquí teniu la lletra.

I've got a new kite
It's pink and blue.
It's green, red and yellow.
And purple too.
Fly, kite!
Fly up in the sky.
Fly, kite!
Fly up in the sky.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

1st & 2nd Primary

Hello! The homework for this weekend was to check the webpage of the book: Big Surprise! On Thursday or Friday, depending on the group, I gave you a paper with the instructions to use the webpage, the user and the password. There you have the songs and stories in the book and lots of games to practise English.
If you have problems or you loose these instructions, please contact with me through the agenda or the tutor teacher. Thank you!

Hola! Els deures per a aquest cap de setmana eren comprovar la pàgina web del llibre: Big Surprise! El dijous o el divendres, depenent del grup, us vaig donar un paper amb les instruccions per usar la pàgina web, l'usuari i la contrasenya. Allà hi teniu les cançons i historietes del llibre i un mjnt de jocs per practicar l'anglès.
Si teniu problemes o perdeu aquestes instruccions, per favor posau-vos en contacte anb mi mitjançant l'agenda o la mestra tutora. Gràcies!

Happy birthday

Hello! This is a funny HAPPY BIRTHDAY song that I want to dedicate especially to AYNARA.
A lot of kisses and hugs from Aina 

And here is another video for her and also for my students.
I hope you all like it!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


To learn the days of the week and the months of the year.
Per aprendre els dies de la setmana i els mesos de l'anys.


A video to learn the colours (about half an hour).
 Un vídeo per aprendre els colors (devers mitja hora).

Friday, January 3, 2014

song: Head and shoulders, knees and toes

song: SWEET DREAMS (Goodnight song)


Hello everybody!
A new year is here and I want to wish you Happy Year 2014!

Last day of school we had a Christmas concert and then we had some hot chocolate and cakes. I recorded some videos but I don't know how to hang them here. 
I have to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! because the boys and girls in 1st & 2nd Primary studied the Christmas songs in English and they performed them very very well in the concert.
I was very happy to see how they sang: congratulations!

Hola tothom!
Un nou any és aquí i us vull desitjar Feliç Any 2014!

El darrer dia d'escola vàrem tenir un concert de Nadal i llavors vàrem prendre xocolata calenta i coques. Vaig gravar uns vídeosperò no sé com penjar-los aquí.
He de dir GRÀCIES, GRÀCIES, GRÀCIES! perquè els nins i nines de 1r & 2n Primària varen estudiar les nadales en anglès i varen actuar molt molt bé al concert.
Vaig estar molt contenta de veure com varen cantar: enhorabona!