Sunday, November 20, 2016

unit 1 and evaluation

Hello Mums, Dads and everybody!
At last unit 1 is finished. Now I am starting the evaluation of unit 0 /starter and unit 1.
I remind you here what the children have to know. Also the level is diferent in 1st and 2nd.

In 1st everything is more listening and speaking, they write very little but they must recognize the main words. In 2nd apart from what I have said i n 1st they also have to write the basic vocabulary. It is difficult for them because they are used to write like they pronounce and it must be explained that in English it is not like that.

Hola mamàs , papàs i tothom!
A la fi la unitat 1 està acabada. Ara començaré l'avaluació de la unitat 0 o starter i unitat 1. Vos record aquí el que els infants han de saber. També el nivell és diferent a 1r i 2n. A 1r tot és més d'escoltar i parlar, escriuen molt poquet però han de reconèixer les paraules principals. A 2n apart del que he dit a 1r  també han de saber escriure el vocabulary bàsic.
És difícil perquè acostumen a escriure tal com pronuncien i se'ls ha d'explicar que en anglès això no és així.

1st Primary
Colours, days of the week, weather, numbers 1 to 10, objects in the classroom, Can I have a ____? Yes, of course. Thank you! Put it in the Basket. Actions in the class (listen, talk, draw, colour, play, sing).

2nd Primary
Colours, days of the week, numbers 1 to 20, rooms and objects in the House, positions (in, on, under, behind, in frint of, next to), where is ___? He/she is in the____.

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