Wednesday, April 17, 2013

EXERCISE _STORY 4: City mouse and country mouse_

Hello boys and girls!
I want to propose you an exercise to start practising the story that you have to learn in the following days. I give you the story but it is scrambled and you have to find out the correct order of the paragraphs. In a few days I will give you the solution. I am sure you will do it very well!

Hola nins i nines!
Jo us vull proposar un exercici per començar a practicar la historieta que heu d'aprendre els propers dies. Jo us don la historia però està desordenada i heu d'averiguar l'odre correcte dels paràgrafs. En uns quants dies us donaré la solució. Estic segura que ho fareu molt bé!

City Mouse and Country Mouse

Molly the mouse lives in a small house in the country.
I like the country.
It’s quiet.

At lunchtime, Molly gives Marco some bread and cheese.
Bread and cheese!
I don’t like bread and cheese.
In the city we eat delicious food.
We eat pizza and ice cream.
Come with me to the city!

 Marco the mouse is Molly’s friend.
He lives in a big house in the city.
I like the city. It’s noisy.

One day Marco visits Molly in the country.
Hello, Molly! I’m here!
Hello, Marco! Welcome to the country.

So Molly goes to the city with Marco.
This is my house, Molly
Come in!
It’s fantastic!

What’s that?
It’s a cat!
Run, Molly, run! 
The two mice run away.

It’s lunchtime.
I’m hungry. Let’s eat!
Look! Ham! Tomatoes! Pizza!
And ice cream!
But suddenly they hear a noise.

I’m going home!
In the city we’ve got ham, tomatoes, pizza and ice cream!
And a big cat too!
I like the country.
Bye, Bye, Marco!
And Molly goes home to the country. 

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