Friday, October 2, 2020

Welcome back students of 2nd Primary

 Hello boys and girls of 2nd Primary!

We are back after the holidays and in this blog I will post videos, documents, games to help you study English. You can leave your comments, if you like. 

Now we are studying with the book All About Us 1, because last year we didn't finish it. We are in unit 4: Toys and prepositions. Here you are some videos to revise.

Hola nins i nines de 2n de Primària!

Estam de tornada després de les vacacions i en aquest blog publicaré vídeos, documents, jocs per ajudar-vos a estudiar anglès. Podeu deixar els vostres comentaris, si voleu.

Ara estam estudiant amb el llibre All About Us 1 perquè l'any passat no el vàrem acabar. Estam a la unitat 4: Juguetes i preposicions.

Aquí teniu uns vídeos per repassar.

TOYS by PinkFong (clic on TOYS)

TOYS SONG What is it?

We are learning the question: WHERE IS THE _____(ball)?

 It's in/on/ under/behind the box/table.

on - in -under  

on - in - under (classroom)


  1. I love these videos! Pau Tatay

  2. I thought I had answered to you and I had not! Thank you very much Pau Tatay! :D